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You probably know that I love practical things, but did you know how crazy I have become about personalized goodies for my kids? When you combine these two loves with the creative mind of a fabulous Etsy shop, you will find loads of fantastic goodies! That Etsy shop I am talkin' about is Mummi Quilts!

Creator Eeva, who is also called Mummi by her grandchildren, has a shop full of eye catching, adorable goodies that also serve a purpose! Mummi Quilts is located in Canada, and also has a full blown website for even more goodies! The icing on the cake is that most of these things can be personalized for your kiddos, or anyone for that matter! (I am thinking fantastic birthday gifts too!)

I first found Mummi Quilts searching on Etsy, in my quest to find a diaper bag. I found the one pictures above, how cute is that? (this bag is only $29- with free shipping!!) I love this bag!

Another favorite is the Mummi Memory Bear! This bear is made from your old baby clothes! It is times like this when I really wish I could sew! This is adorable and would make an absolutely perfect lovey!

We were sent two items- a Crinkle Crackle Sensory Toy and Personalized Designer Pullover Bib. Just like all the Etsy shops lately, I was once again blown away from the quality of these products!

First of all, the Crinkle Crackle Sensory toy is my son's favorite! He loves this thing! In fact, I only have one picture because I could not pry it from his hands long enough to get another picture! This is a great size- 6.5" by 6.5", not counting the ribbon of course. There is a crinkle material sewn inside two pieces of high quality fabric. There are two layers of stitching for both the crinkle material and the ribbon for added durability and safety. It also comes with a link attatched, which is perfect for going everywhere! We have brought ours in the car seat, stroller, high chair- both at home and at restaurants, on the swing and so much more! This is awesome, and comes in several different prints and is only $12!
-machine wash cold, no iron, no dryer-

Next, the Personalized Designer Pullover Bib! Hands-down one of the best bibs I have ever used on my kids- and my son is super duper messy! There are no snaps or ties, you pull over your child's head, hence the name. This is an incredible size-  10" by 15" and is covered in cute, high quality fabric, backed by flannel.

Not only does this bib cover everything, so you won't have to ruin clothes, or feed a naked baby, this material is great! Although by the time I am done feeding my little man, the bib is usually covered in food, nothing has stained the bib- it seems as if the food just lifts right off! I don't really get it, but I do love it!

The embroidery is great, there are several different fonts and colors to chose from, and this makes everything more special! These fantastic bibs are only $12 as well!

-My Thoughts-

There is a huge selection at Mummi Quilts, and if you don't find something, be sure to check out, and Eeva is always ready for custom orders as well!

The material used is very high, durable and gorgeous material. This is key in finding great baby products!

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