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Bunny Ear blankie review by Houghton

If there's one thing Maddox can't live without it is his lovey.  I fear the day that we lose it. Not quite sure what we'll do...I just pray it never happens. 

So, of course it would only be right to find Emma the perfect lovey as well.
I recently had the opportunity to work with Mummi Quilts 
who sent Emma her very own monogrammed Bunny Ear Blankie

Isn't it precious?
One of the things about a well loved security blanket is that it goes EVERYWHERE which means tons of germs & dirt.  Which in return means lots & lots of washes.  So, I find it very important to find a well made blanket that will hold up and Mummi Quilts Bunny Blanket is just that.  All of their products are handmade at their studio in Ontario, Canada.  Their blanket is very well stitched; in fact it has double stitching around the edges.  I can only imagine how well it will wash. 

And not to mention how adorably cute it is.  Each blanket has numerous colorful ribbons & bunny ears to keep your baby's hands busy & to assist in developing hand-eye coordination.  What a wonderful addition for a lovey.

I've also found from Maddox one of the things that makes a lovey so lovable is the softness factor...and Mummi Quilts has just that.  Each blanket is backed with the softest chenille. 

And, lastly to make their blanket even better they have attached a toy link so it can be attached to the stroller or car seat.  I can't even tell you how many times I've had to bend over the seat to retrieve Maddox's from the floor.  Or how many times we've almost lost it because he threw it out of the shopping cart.  If only it had a toy link.

Mummi Quilts definitely had all the necessities in mind when they created their blanket.

I'm sure Emma will just love it, I know her Momma does!

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